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Breaking Ground for Village of Washingtonville Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

On October 29, 2017, a ground-breaking ceremony for the Village of Washingtonville Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade was held on site.

The Village Mayor and Trustees were able to win a $3.2 million-dollar grant by NYS EFC.  They also qualified for a low interest loan for the balance of the $11.5 million-dollar construction costs. It is a notable achievement that allows for an upgrade and expansion that will support the growth of the Village for the next 25 years.

In attendance was the Village Mayor Joe Bucco and Village Trustees: Richard Calore, Thomas DeVinko, Paul Lang and Diane Mack. The Technical staff present was the plant operator John Rice and Christopher Finnegan from JCO, Inc. and contractors: Michael Mahood and Gary Dimatteo of Olympic Electric; Randy Williams of S&O Construction; Jerre Coleman of Kings Capital Group; and Tomas Matias and Jose I. Nunez of H2M architects + engineers.

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