Justice Court is the first level trial court of New York State’s Unified Court System. Many New Yorkers will have their first and only court experience in a town or village court. The justices respond to calls from law enforcement officers on a twenty four hour, seven day a week schedule.

Justice Court has preliminary jurisdiction over felony cases and exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases, pending divesture to the County Court. Small claims and civil cases up to $3,000.00 are also handled in Justice Court.

Court Dates & Times

Criminal Court

  • 1st Tuesday of the Month: 9:00am
  • 2nd Wednesday of the Month: 5:00pm

Traffic Court

  • 4th Tuesday of the Month: 7:00pm
  • 1st Thursday of the Month: 6:00pm

Civil Court

  • 4th Tuesday of the Month: 6:30pm
  • 1st Thursday of the Month: 5:00pm