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Planning Board Projects

Zoning Board Projects

Architectural Review Board Projects


Village Planning Board Meeting Dates

2nd Tuesday of Month (if necessary) at 7:00 PM.

Village Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Dates

1st Thursday of Month (if necessary) WORKSESSION at 7:00 PM.

Architectural Review Board

Meets as needed

Please send all inquiries to Village Clerk Christine Shenkman and

The Planning, Zoning, and Building Departments are all interconnected in supporting the Comprehensive Plan and zoning codes. The Planning Department handles applications for subdivisions of land and building approvals under this zoning law.

About Your Planning Board

The Planning Board studies and votes on applications for site plan review, special use permits and subdivisions. This Board also participates in official map changes, zone changes, as well as the adoption and changes to the zoning ordinance, zoning map and master plan.

The Village of Washingtonville Planning Board (“VPB”) is made up of Village residents who volunteer their time to serve on the VPB. VPB members are appointed for a 5 year term. All VPB members are sworn in and take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

There are two (2) scheduled meetings per month and a minimum of four (4) hours of annual training requirements.

All VPB members are appointed by the Village of Washingtonville Board of Trustees.

All VPB meetings are open to the public unless under an executive session, which would be announced as such.

If possible, the VPB meetings are recorded and posted on the Village of Washingtonville Youtube channel for public viewing.

The VPB has an attorney and an engineer that act as consultants and advisors.

Every project follows a process to ensure that it complies with all applicable federal, state, county and local laws, rules, codes and regulations.

Typically, the Attorney and Engineer for the VPB sit at the table to the right of the VPB during the meeting.

The applicant, applicant’s engineers, attorneys and/or advisors sit to the left of the VPB. Located on the long table to the right of the VPB panel you will find information about current projects.

Public Comments submitted in written form are distributed to all VPB members for review and consideration.

A Quorum must be present for the VPB to hear and act on any project. [ 3 members is a Quorum for the Village of Washingtonville Planning Board. ]

Information on all projects before the board can be FOILED. Some projects have online access to some information via the Village website.

The village also has some recordings of meetings.

Additionally during meetings located on the long table to the right of the VPB panel you will find information about current projects.

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