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A Message from Village HallI have received many telephone calls and numerous messages regarding Bull Road Collapsed. When the culvert collapsed, the Village, immediately started working on the site. Under that culvert we have a sewer main, a water main, and a gas main.Orange and Rockland removed and relocated their gas main to Emerson Drive and Seacord Lane to ensure residents in this and surrounding areas did not go with natural gas in their homes.Our Village Engineers started working on designing a new concrete culvert to replace the existing corrugated metal culvert. This culvert is now being constructed off site, for this area. The culvert on Seacord will be replaced with a concrete culvert in the spring. Our sewer main was compromised and had to be dealt with immediately. That involved working with the DEC. This sewer main and possibly the water main will probably have to be relocated. These plans are still being addressed. I have been in contact with everyone involved on a daily basis. Everyone is working diligently on getting this road opened.I along with the village board have made a promise to you that we will continue to do whatever is necessary to help with the flooding within the village. We are never going to solve the flooding problem, but we will do whatever is necessary to keep the water out of your homes.I urge that you call the village hall at 845-496-3221 whenever you have questions about the village, or you can always call me on my cell phone 845-774-9185, rather than read Facebook postings.Thanking you in advanceJoseph BuccoMayor ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Sheila Roohan
anyone know what they are building on 94 at the old betty's? ... See MoreSee Less
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A Message from Village HallHanukkah the Festival of LightsPlease join us today at 4:15 for the light of the Village Menorah at the Village Square.If interested in lighting the Menorah during Hanukkah please call the Village Hall at 854-496-3221. ... See MoreSee Less
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A Message from Village HallMany residents in the Village of Washingtonville and beyond have experienced loss of power. This is due to a motor vehicle accident. I just received a telephone call from Orange and Rockland. They will be doing some switching of circuits to lessen the outages. This is being worked on now. I will continue to be in contact with O/R throughout the morning and will forward any further updates. Let’s pray that everyone in the vehicle arrives home to their family. Joseph BuccoMayor ... See MoreSee Less
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A Message from Village HallMonies being made available for Orange County residents for Hurricane IDA. Those residents who I have met or spoken with about damages you suffered during Hurricane Ida, monies have been made available. Please call 646-786-0888 for a Pre-screening. Once that's completed, you will be forwarded to a Program Director covering this area. Joseph BuccoMayor ... See MoreSee Less
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