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The Village Clerk is an important administrative position in the Village of Washingtonville government involving the supervision, direction, and the coordination of the activities of the Office of the Village Clerk. The Village Clerk assists the Mayor to carry out the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with municipal government. The Village Clerk’s main responsibilities include maintaining and safeguarding the Village’s records and collecting such moneys as are required by statute.

The Village Clerks duties may include the following and other duties as directed by the Village Board.  The Village Treasurer and or the Deputy Village Treasurer may also have some of these responsibilities and also play a big part in ensuring the smooth operation of our Village Hall.

  • The Village Clerk prepares the board meeting agendas and attendance at meetings and reports the results of those meetings through minutes.
  • The Village Clerk files all Village records and sees that they are safeguarded at all times.
  • The Village Clerk administers and files the oaths of office for all village government officials.
  • The Village Clerks office is responsible for the collection of moneys for real property taxes and utility services, such as water, sewer, refuse, etc.
  • The Village Clerk is the custodian of all Village records, responsible for active files, storage and retrieval of inactive records, and the careful maintenance of archival material.
  • The Village Clerk maintains files and records of adopted Village Ordinances and Local Laws, Village Oaths of Office, petitions, proof of publications, annual budgets, assessment rolls, fiscal reports, notices of lien, and maintains a public signboard.
  • The Village Clerk is the Village’s Freedom of Information Officer/Records Access Officer and has the duty of coordinating the Village’s response to public requests for access to records pursuant to the NY State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).
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