• WARNING: Police Department Advisory
    Coyotes have been sighted in the area. They usually stay for a short period of time, but, if a good food supply is found, they stay. Feral cats, small dogs, and any small pet is a source of food. DO NOT FEED FERAL CATS – PROTECT YOUR SMALL ANIMALS.

  • The next Planning Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 19, 7:30pm, at the Village Hall.

  • New: 2014-2015 Storm Water DRAFT Annual Report

  • NOTICE: In the interest of health, safety, and Village resident complaints, please do not feed the deer.

The Village of Washingtonville is located in the Town of Blooming Grove, New York. Washingtonville was first settled in 1731 and was named in honor of George Washington who was said to have watered his horse at the trough under the big Elm Tree in the center of the village. 

Washingtonville is an inviting bedroom community, home of the Brotherhood Winery which is the oldest continually operating winery in the United States and our historic Moffat Library. There are many fine businesses operating here. The Village has an extremely professional Police Force and a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their services for our Fire Department.

We have a population of over 7000 residents in our 2.5 square miles located at the junction of NY-94 and NY-208. Washingtonville’s school system encompasses five schools which provide an outstanding education for our K-12 students. Washingtonville is a quaint, scenic village to raise a family.

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